Our Story

At Indigo Cow, we are proud to introduce the tasty and time honored tradition of Hokkaido dairy to Seattle with the first ice cream shop in America to make soft serve with milk from Hokkaido. Hokkaido's nutrient-rich grass, cool climate and crisp air provide the ideal environment for the region's treasured dairy cows. Hokkaido cows produce about half of Japan's milk and the prefecture is celebrated for using this milk to make world-renowned soft serve ice cream (also known in Japan as "soft cream"). Now with a location in Bellevue!

Indigo Cow's founder, Keisuke (Kay) Kobayashi, grew up in Hokkaido and fell in love with soft serve ice cream at an early age. Unable to find anything like it in America, his dream was to share this taste of home by combining Hokkaido soft serve with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and introducing fun flavor combinations to Seattle's devoted ice cream lovers. To achieve the standards of excellence that matched his cherished memories, Kay partnered with Iwase Farm, a famous pasture in Sunagawa, Hokkaido, where over 200 dairy cows roam freely and are milked on-site to produce some of the region's most prized milk. The result is an ice cream unlike any other; rich and clean in flavor and silky in texture. Kay's wish is that Indigo Cow's soft serve ice cream will create the same cherished memories for Seattleites as Hokkaido soft cream did for him growing up in Japan.

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